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Zhengzhou Yue Bo Auto Electric Co., Mid-Autumn Festival tug of war basketball game held successfully

Number of visits: Date:2011-09-16

    Bustling gaming competitions

                                       Diligently Yue Bo
     In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, improve communication between employees, enhance employee cohesion, unity and cooperation ability to train employees. September 10, our company in Yue Bo Square, basketball courts held exciting tug of war with the basketball game. Competition in full swing, even though some cold weather, but each department leaders and staff have shown great enthusiasm into this tight race among.
   "Beep" of the whistle, the exciting race began! Both players held onto the hands of the rope, pull back together.

The two sides prepare



Passionate cheerleaders shouting "Come on, come on!"


fair and just


Taking steps to dry up


Courageously fighting




Teeth, make every effort


Go all out


Leadership refueling


-------- Joy after winning men's champion


------- Joy after winning women's champion
Basketball game moments:
Ham United VS Production Office




Shoot a basket


Race against time


Collective sense of honor




Across the barrier





Strictly defensive




Plus two points


Struggling to chase
In tense moments, the players bite the bullet, make every effort, courageously fighting. Out of the race results, race out of fashion.
The event, employees exercise their physique, will enhance the quality of employees, but the combination of solidarity and unity of the company's employees, to create a better tomorrow Yue Bo added a bright!

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