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Yue Bo Founded Science and Technology Association

Number of visits: Date:2012-06-07
NEEDHAM (/ word / Chart) May 25 morning, in my company flourishing, thunderous applause, Zhengzhou Yue Bo Auto Electric Co., Ltd. for the Establishment of Science and Technology Association and unveiling ceremony was held in front of my company's administrative offices. Yue, chairman of his company Zhangyong Ying, Li Li, general manager and staff attended the ceremony, CAST Wang Cheng, Zhengzhou City, CAST president Wu Yuhong, Dengfeng Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yang, Dengfeng City Entrepreneurs Association will long other relevant leaders to come to the ceremony, the ceremony former Deputy Secretary of Science and Technology Bureau of Dengfeng Qin Songlin chair.
The opening ceremony of "solidarity and mobilize scientific and technical personnel of enterprises, enhance economic efficiency and sustainable development" as its theme, is intended to motivate companies through scientific and technical personnel to carry out all kinds of mass scientific and technological activities to promote enterprise technological progress and technological innovation promoting business growth and improve scientific and technological talents for the sustainable development of enterprises laid a solid technology base.
Chinese science and technology advisory services center director Wang Cheng, Zhengzhou City Associations Wu Yuhong President, Dengfeng Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department, deputy mayor Yang, president of Dengfeng City Entrepreneurs Association 程国贤 other leaders at the ceremony and delivered an important speech, speech that: science and technology, especially high-tech, is a fast growing full penetration to productivity. Science and technology as the primary productive force, has become the determining factor of contemporary economic development.
After the ceremony, the chairman Zhangyong Ying, Li Li, general manager, accompanied the guests on-site visit, our clean working environment and rich research environment praise guests.
The success of the opening ceremony was held for the company thoroughly implement the "Science and Technology Enterprises Association General (Trial)", unite the majority of professional and technical personnel of enterprises, promote enterprise technological progress and development provides a good opportunity, but also greatly enhance the company staff enthusiasm for work.

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