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Zhengzhou Yue Bo Auto Electric Co., Ltd. to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of the Chinese Communist Party forum

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CPC led the Chinese people, after the Northern Expedition, the Agrarian Revolutionary War, Sino-Japanese War and the liberation war to overthrow imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism three big mountains rule, has made the new democratic revolution, the establishment of a people's democratic dictatorship people's Republic. After the founding of the party led people of all nationalities continue to move forward, he defeated imperialist and hegemonic threat, subversion, sabotage and armed provocations, safeguarded China's independence and security. Since the Third Plenary Session at the initiative of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism with the practice of contemporary Chinese socialist construction combined with gradually building socialism with Chinese characteristics and the theoretical line, principles and policies to create a a new period of development of socialism. After the Third Plenary Session of fourteen, with Jiang Zemin as the representative of the Chinese Communists in building socialism with Chinese characteristics in practice and formed the important thought of "Three Represents." National Congress Party has made the decision to maintain the advanced nature education activities. This fully proves that our party times. We say that the early days, there would be no new China without the Communist Party; reform and opening up, the continuous development of today, we say that without the Communist Party there would be no harmonious development of China; the face of the wheel of history forward, I have a more firm belief: Without the Communist Party there will be no future standing in the world power of China and the Chinese nation. Respect for history, based on the present, look to the future, and only adhere to the socialist road with Chinese characteristics can develop China, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Learning History made me understand the current task is to hold our party, determined to party. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese people live a happy life, we should support the party, study hard, work, and struggle for the communist cause, and all acts against the Party and the people to fight. In the highly civilized modern society, everything is in rapid development, we must establish a proper young scientific goal, and to achieve the objectives and positive efforts. As a youth in the new period, we should take up the construction of the motherland, safeguard the motherland responsibility, which requires us to have excellent skills, and have a firm stance and correct thinking. We usually only to study hard and cultural knowledge, but also to strengthen the training of physical fitness, to become a talented both civil and military. At the same time, we should actively study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and Jiang Zemin's "Three Represents" learning community that concept of honor, with advanced theories and ideas in your personal arsenal, but also must adhere to conscientiously study, good use Deng Xiaoping theory and the Marxist stand, viewpoint research, new methods and solve new problems, adhere to the interests of the party and the people above everything else, resolutely implement the Party's basic line, principles and policies, adherence to party discipline and resolutely safeguard the unity of the party and unity. In addition, we also do self-respect, self-reflection, self-admonition, constant criticism and self-criticism, to correct their mistakes, correct their behavior, define their goals. Finally, we do everything for our society to become a democratic rule of law, fairness and justice, sincerity, amity, vitality, stability and order, man and nature live in harmony. We should strengthen the study of political theory, to firmly establish a correct outlook on life and values, a correct view of fame, power and status, hard, study hard and strive to develop their own innovative spirit, dedication to continuously strengthen the party spirit, Keeping character. Actions speak louder than words, let us work together, be a qualified party member!

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