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Zhengzhou city leaders visit our company guidance

Number of visits: Date:2011-08-26

August 23, 2011 morning, the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, acting mayor Wu Tianjun his party come to Zhengzhou Yue Bo Auto Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter in Zhengzhou city government Secretary-General Zhang Xuejun, Dengfeng City Party Secretary Wang Fusong, accompanied by the mayor Zheng Fulin Bo short jump) research.



Yue Bo, accompanied by chairman Zhang Yongying municipal government leaders visited the production line.


During the visit, the chairman zhang yongying to jump Bo Zheng Shuji and other leaders introduced the development of independent research and Bo Yue decades of the results, the company's current situation and development of products in the domestic market share, and show the recent development of a variety of products. Wu Tianjun Yue Bo Electronics secretary of the workshop expressed a strong interest in working with the leading members of his company Yue had a cordial conversation, and formulation of recommendations.


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