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Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Yue Bo Auto Electric 2014 100 high-finalist companies

Writer:张豪Source:郑州跃博汽车电器有限公司 Number of visits: Date:2014-10-27
October 9, 2014, the provincial government official website published a list of 100 high-hundred and enterprises in Henan Province in 2014, including Zhengzhou Yue Bo Auto Electric Co., the list of finalists, "2014 Henan 100 high industrial enterprises." This Zhengzhou Yue Bo Auto Electric is a great encouragement and motivation, all employees will work harder, live up to expectations, and create greater glories.
From 2011 onwards, the government decided to award annually 100 scale enterprises and 100 high-growth enterprises in the province, focusing on supporting its development and growth. To this end, the province issued a special "on the support and advice hundred hundred enterprises to accelerate the development of high," an explicit proposal to give "Top 100", "100 high" enterprises to give preferential policies in terms of land use.
In this year's list hundred industrial enterprises in Henan Energy Chemical Group won the first. Other companies in the top ten are: Hong Fujin Precision Electronics (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., Henan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., China Pingdingshan Shenma Energy and Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Henan Electric Power Company, Henan Luohe Shuanghui Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd., China petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Luoyang Branch, Zhengzhou Nissan automobile Co., Ltd. passenger car division, Tianrui Group Limited.
Zhengzhou Yue Bo Auto Electric Co., Ltd. jointly shortlist "Henan 2014 100 high industrial enterprises," the business as well as Zhengzhou, Henan Huatai Special Cable Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, the Nike Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou City, Zheng butterfly doors Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou United harvest Machinery Co., Ltd. and a number of powerful industrial enterprises.

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